SWIM is a City transforming Church; we exist as a church to celebrate Gods presence, to Communicate God’s Word, to Educate God’s People and demonstrate his love.

" You will Find a Friend Here "

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Best-Selling Books Collection

Victor Atenaga Ministries

The Earth Prince Podcast Series

It is podcast for both married
and single men. It is a platform where we
speak heart to heart to men on how to be a
better brother, neighbor, father, friend,
husband and minister.


" Ever since I joined SWIM there has been a great change in every area of my life, spiritually, financially, maritally and the way I speak, it was when I joined swim, we moved to GRA, got a car and became a CEO, there is no magic made in Swim, you only get undiluted word of God that will in turn transform your life."
Ruth Christian
"One thing being a member of SWIM does is to balance your thinking, U can't be better than the way you think, because whatever your mind calls impossible becomes your limitation. The messages you hear in SWIM breaks such limitations.
Collins Amuda
"Simply worship int'l ministry is not just a church for me, it's a home. A home where I feel safe, A home where I live out my dreams and fulfill God's purpose for my life, A home where I found friends."
Odigie Ella